martes, 4 de octubre de 2011

Rojo Sobre Humano


“There is a space of creation beyond any norm or artistic tendency that includes expressivity and human feelings reflected on any visible or invisible pillar, where the only brushstroke, being impossible to foretell, is carried out beyond our reason, leaving this at the edge of abyss, opening a space for contemplation, which is as far as its interior “

Human beings perceive the world around us through senses. Nevertheless, each person can perceive the same reality in a different way. Consequently, within humanity, perception is plural and it intrinsically depends on several sociological, historical or religious factors. Therefore, perception can be considered not only as an individual fact but also as a collective one.

On the other hand, perception of events that provoke human reactions are not static: they are immersed in the formal relativism that sustains them. The images of a smiling child or a tearful mother constitute a continuous flow of snapshots, which our brain perceives, processes and interprets individually. It is this individual perception of everything around it that shapes our personal sphere.

Initially, the “Rojo Sobre Humano” project gets its name from the need for showing human nature as a social and individual X-ray in motion, which is foreign to any interpretation, and which is located in a space of authenticity, where the real anxiety of the spectators is an intimate and personal feeling that might or might not disturb. This anxiety allows us to show the nature of mankind laying bare, provoking the isolation of judgements and the need for silence as a muffling element. We search for the essence of everything we love or fear, by facing some underlying love and hatred.

“Rojo Sobre Humano” shows the work of art by stimulating the most diverse feelings of human beings, despite any social or individual reality, without the need for relating it to a given artistic trend, in an isolated space for contemplation, where people combine their ability to perception in a non-temporal cognitive process, in which they experiment the perception of merged images that are screened on the exhibition room.

In this respect, the present art project shows the spectator the real “work”. Feelings can be reflected ( or not ) in an unreal space, where the exhibition room acts as a dynamic canvas in which antagonistic feelings are confronted. The underlying idea is the spectators´ intimate discovery of the work of art and their reaction in the face of visual codes that they can handle as spectators, avoiding a superficial interpretation of what they see and the artistic knowledge they previously own.


The natural synergic process of this project involves the evolution of three key elements that will last in its works: artistic synthesis, colour and contemplation in motion. It is a concept we will refer to as “ I Perception”.

In this “I Perception”, we search for the absence of time in an exercise of contemplation and inner discovery. Inside the room, spectators are aware of two well-differentiated areas: On the left, they can observe figures that might express suffering, pain and impotence. On the right, antagonistic feelings, such as joy, satisfaction or plenitude.

At the front of the room, the images of three pictures will be merged on a 160x160 centimetre static fixed panel, by using a multimedia projector. This panel constitutes the basis on the showing. Thus, the spectators con observe how the same static panel they are watching in the room is working on. The spectators are involved in a synergic process that sublimes their own perception of reality.

“Rojo Sobre Humano” invites us to contemplate, to sink beneath the labyrinths of thought, to comfort our physical image on the mirror of our consciousness. In other words, our physical and psychical “I” are brought face to face. It is in this metaphysics that the spectator is trapped in a reality that vanishes, fading like colour stains which deform everything or which turn the physical into the metaphysical, something that is beyond our understanding, thus, discerning a space of contemplation for our consciousness. In this space of contemplation, the spectators hear, see and feel themselves facing the dynamic image that will evoke antagonistic feelings.


The “Rojo Sobre Humano” collection is made up of figurative works that express the intimacy of its characters in a perspective where pain, suffering and anguish are compared with joy and stillness, within a real space that gives rise to contemplation and the intimate reflection of the spectators.

This project is based on the creation of twelve 160x160 centimetre works that show different human expressions and digital merged images reflected on a 160x160 centimetre pictorial work called “Rebirth”, which is shown at the back of the room by means of a multimedia projector.

Exhibition room with the pictures and digital animation at the back

The structure of the main works is made up of four 80x80 centimetre wooden elements, 1 centimetre thick, which are assembled by their inner part. The idea of elaborating a work of art made up of four elements comes up as a global expression of human feelings, which are the same all over the world, in every continent, regardless of race, religion or culture.

These 160x160 centimetre works, once finished, will be part of the “Rojo Sobre Humano” collection.

At the front of the room, the leading picture that will be the basis of the multimedia showing of the other pictures will be installed. This picture, which I call “Rebirth”, represents life creation in the Universe, even the concept of consciousness.

At the back of the room, we can see the amalgamation of images of the so-called “Niño Ángel” ( Angel Child ), reflected on the work “Rebirth” mentioned above.

Rebirth” is a 160x160 centimetre work of art that constitutes the basis of the multimedia showing.

The showing of the picture called “Niño Angel” is a real example which has already been carried out. Although here we can only see the images of the amalgamation, this effect can only be observed by means of the dynamic showing I enclose to the project, which can give an idea of the work.

Amalgamation of images

On the other hand, the lighting of the room and the pictures are essential, using colour as the source and filter of lighting of each picture, creating a global space that incites to contemplation and silence, thus, generating half-light areas where we can foster isolation.

The pictures will be hanging facing one another, on opposite sides of the exhibition room, looking for two alternatives on the same reality.

The “Rojo Sobre Humano” collection shows pain, hatred, love, goodness and hope. These feelings are part of human beings and they co-exist in their minds and actions.


The “Arte Universo 09” project is considered the previous record of “Rojo Sobre Humano”. It was developed on the basis of making the spectator aware of some merged images from different works of art that were brought together with real images of the Universe. This project that I enclose called “Arte Universo 09” was staged in different exhibition rooms in the city of Murcia.

The experience I developed in 2008 and 2009 using merged images with the “Arte Universo” project, allowed me to control the guidelines of the animations using flash technology, to create and stage the idea underlying this “Rojo Sobre Humano” project.


We live in a world that has lost the ability to react in the face of events we consider usual. A hard humanitarian tragedy activates a temporal pattern of awareness, influenced by mass media. However, this awareness is sometimes lost in our memories and fears. We have lost our sensibility as human beings who live in a civilised and technical world. In the face of the “tick-tock” of events, we almost forget the feeling of our perception, as well as our capacity to communicate with other human beings, within a crisis that temporises the inequality and decadence of human values.

This is the central idea that always motivated me to carry out the “Rojo Sobre Humano” exhibition. : being able to contribute to remember that we can “humanise” our perception of the world and coexistence.


This art project entitled “Rojo Sobre Humano” is made up of works that mould human nature in a dramatically opposed way. The observers experiment the dynamic contemplation of these works in an intimate space, where they perceive themselves as “observed observers”

The underlying aim of this exhibition is to promote the perception of individual human feelings in a collective space.




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